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The Walking Dead: David Morrissey On The Governor's 'Battle For His Humanity'

February 8, 2013
David Morrissey from 'The Walking Dead'
 -- Getty ImagesAMC
David Morrissey from 'The Walking Dead' -- Getty ImagesAMC

"The Walking Dead" managed to make its villain, The Governor, slightly sympathetic when he was introduced in the first half of Season 3, which returns for its second installment this Sunday on AMC.

Whether it was Philip's love of his zombie daughter Penny, or the fact that, by comparison, Andrew Lincoln's good guy character, Rick Grimes, had gone a little bonkers, David Morrissey's The Governor wasn't easy to despise.

PLAY IT NOW: The Walking Dead: David Morrissey On The Governor’s ‘Battle For [His] Humanity’

But, while it seems like The Governor is poised to now turn into the true villain he is in Robert Kirkman's graphic novels, now that he's lost his daughter (and his eye), and is under attack, that might not be the case.

During "An Evening with The Walking Dead" event, presented by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood on Tuesday, David (who was recommended for the role by co-star Andrew) told AccessHollywood.com on the red carpet that the second half of the season won't just be a battle between two groups.

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AccessHollywood.com: The Governor's lost Penny... is he a lost cause now?

David Morrissey: I don't think he's a lost cause. I think what's happened to him is he's really grieving and he's angry at the world and he wants vengeance and I think what'll happen in the second half of this season is about the battle for his humanity and that will be up to Andrea and Milton and will he listen to these people... I think these two communities seem to be on a collision course and it'll be up to the people like Andrea and Milton and... Hershel -- those type of people, who maybe can speak reason into the leaders of these two communities.

Access: We know a big faceoff is coming between your character and Rick. What can you hint at about that?

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David: I think the main thing to say about that is what the show has done in the last half of the season is [it has] been full of surprises and twists and turns and I think people have been pleasantly surprised about how the show has developed, and it'll carry on in that way. So, the meeting that I think you're expecting -- it might have a little bit of an edge to it, or something different, anyway. It won't be exactly the meeting you're hoping for.

Access: Have you had scenes you've had to film in the show - before, or coming up -- that just floored you [as an actor]?

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David: Yeah, I think the scene where I lose my daughter is pretty full on. I think it was a big scene. It was a pivotal scene for the drama. It was a scene that had to happen to put The Governor into the head space that he needs to be to get onto the next part of the season. I thought it was very brutal and it needed to be and it was physically demanding, but also emotionally draining. So, yeah, that floored me.

Access: Finally, do you know where Andrea, Laurie Holden's character, got the lacey underwear from (which fans saw following her bedroom romp with The Governor in the first half of Season 3, and were surprised by because the show takes place during a zombie apocalypse).

David: No, but it wasn't from me. There is a Victoria's Secret in Woodbury (laughs). You know it's a little thing that I pulled out the drawer. No, she couldn't have brought it with her.

Access: It is one of the mysteries of 'The Walking Dead.'

David: Maybe there is a little lingerie department in Woodbury.

"The Walking Dead" returns on Sunday at 9 PM ET/PT on AMC.

-- Jolie Lash

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