Has Tom Hardy joined Instagram?

The Juice
February 8, 2013
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It has been six months and 19 days since “The Dark Knight Rises” opened in theatres in and Tom Hardy became the world’s most dapper-voiced, bone-crushing villain Bane. And for those who are seriously starting to feel the effects of Hardy withdrawal, we have an antidote: an Instagram account purporting to belong to the actor himself.

Under the name @hardythomas, the Instagram account has uploaded 31 photos since Jan. 30, 2013. So far, all of them are photos of Hardy himself (except for one of a Bane action figure). Hardy with fans, Hardy in movie stills, Hardy at basketball games, Hardy at the club -- they’re all there. And they’re not all recent photos, either: There’s one photo of him with his dog Max who reportedly died in 2011, and a 2008 photo with his son Louis, whose mother is Hardy’s ex-girlfriend Rachael Speed.

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However, although Buzzfeed first pointed our attention to the new account on Thursday, they haven’t been able to confirm if it’s really Hardy himself updating it or a fan posing as him. We’ll just wait with our fingers crossed that Hardy has embraced the social media tool until he either confirms or denies ownership, or posts a picture of himself with today’s paper or something.

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In any case, it’s nice to have a one-stop shop to get our Tom Hardy fix until his next project hits theatres. Up next, he'll plays the main role of Max Rockatansky in the epic action flick “Mad Max: Fury Road,” to finally be released sometime in 2014 after the filming schedule suffered weather delays in South Africa. It was also announced this week that Hardy will play the title role in the real-time thriller “Locke,” written and directed by Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”). He’ll play a family man with the perfect life until a phone call forces him to make some drastic decisions.

Soon, we’ll be seeing so much of Hardy on screen that we won’t need a Hardy-centric Instagram feed anymore! Well, maybe just not as much.

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