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Steve Harvey’s tearful birthday surprise (VIDEO)

He said no surprises, guys! Come on!

Let us warn you now, grab a tissue -- or the whole box, or even a roll of paper towels -- to catch the tears pouring down your face and short-circuiting your computer. Because this surprise video call that Steve Harvey received on his birthday is very emotional.

Comedian and TV talk show host Steve Harvey turned 56 on Jan. 17, and to celebrate, the "Steve Harvey" show appropriately had a little party. But that's not the surprise we're talking about -- the big shocker was a call that producers set up between Harvey and a couple that helped him during his early days as a broke, struggling comedian trying to get his big break.

From the moment Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida asks Harvey "Do you still love me baby?" and Harvey replies, "I love you, man" in between sobs, it's game over.

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Harvey then explains that 30 years ago, Rich and his wife Becky (who then joins him on the screen) owned the furniture store in Cleveland that gave Harvey his first job as a carpet cleaner. A year later, the couple paid his $11,000 travel bill to help him make it across the United States.

Harvey is now, of course, one of the "Original Kings of Comedy." He's known for his gut-busting stand-up routines, dating books like "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" and "Straight Talk, No Chaser: How to Find and Keep a Man," as well as the star of "The Steve Harvey Show." With the Lisses now moved to Orlando, Fla., and Harvey dealing with his successful career, it doesn't look like they've been in touch for decades. But it seems Harvey hasn't forgotten the couple who gave him the boost he needed to build his successful career.

"Hey man, I got money now, Rich," Harvey boasted, as the audience applauded. "As a matter of fact -- hey, Rich, I'm going to send a plane to pick up you and Becky. I'm going to fly you to Chicago for the show. I've been looking for you for years, man... You bailed me out, I never forgot it. Thank you."

"We love you Steve," said Becky.

You can't write a better script than that! No wonder the video has since gone viral, spreading joy and puffy eyes around the internet.

But this isn't the first time Harvey has broken down publicly. He officially retired from stand-up this past August, and burst into tears as he said his final goodbye. "I just want to say thank you," he cried into the gold mic.

Say what you will about Steve Harvey, but the guy is definitely in touch with his emotions.