Lindsay Lohan’s Fur Obsession – Four Different Coats in Six Days!

Suzy Byrne
The Juice
January 3, 2013
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We knew Lindsay Lohan had a lot of baggage – and she’s proving it yet again during her London jaunt!

The 26-year-old has been photographed wearing no fewer than four different fur coats in the span of six days. And it’s not like she’s just grabbing these bulky pieces of outerwear from the closet in her posh Hollywood home (which recently received a reality TV makeover), she’s been traveling over the holidays with multiple stops on her busy itinerary.

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Although she has a tax lien against her, Lohan was clearly not worried about shelling out extra cash for airline baggage fees, packing multiple bulky coats for her trip to chilly London. On Wednesday, for a dinner date at Nozomi with rumored beau Josh Chunn (Max George is so 2012 apparently!), Lohan wore all black, including a cropped fur jacket with a high collar. Now that’s not to be confused with the one she wore on Sunday while out partying with her wobbly looking 50-year-old mother, Dina. That coat was dark brown, but came down to her thighs. And Lohan clearly wasn’t trying to stay warm – the fur was open in the front and her legs were completely bare despite the frigid temperatures, which hit a low of 43 degrees.

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Lohan also packed some colorful fur options – total essentials for overseas getaways we’re sure! Before partying with her dear ole mom, she donned a knee-length gray model for a shopping trip to Harrods. The coat, which she has worn before (funny enough during a trip to London in 2010), featured a black belted waist. And for her flight to London last Friday (she spent Christmas in New York with her mom and siblings), Lohan strutted through the airport in a flashy, full-length, multi-toned fur coat, which made us really glad we didn’t have to share an overhead rack with her. It was a lot of coat!

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Seeing that blond-toned coat on the one-time “Mean Girls” star made us flash back to another famous Lohan escapade – when she famously swiped an $11,000 mink from a Columbia University co-ed nearly five years ago. If you don’t remember the episode, we’ll refresh your memory. In January 2008, Masha Markova was at a private party at 1Oak in Manhattan and when she left hours later she realized her coat, which was a gift from her grandmother, was gone. Fast forward two weeks to when she was flipping through a celebrity magazine and saw a photo of Lohan leaving the club on the night in question wearing the very same  coat. Needless to say, the fur flew! When Markova’s lawyer contacted Lohan’s attorney and threatened litigation, the coat arrived at the student’s apartment two days later. However, it wasn’t in pristine condition – it reeked of cigarettes and booze, and there was a tear in the lining. Markova ultimately sued Lohan and they reached a settlement out of court a year later.

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This coat debacle was one of the first sticky fingers incidents regarding Lohan. Of course, she was later convicted of misdemeanor theft for stealing a gold necklace in 2011 – and now faces jail time for that charge because she recently violated her probation.

Like we said – the girl has a lot of baggage!

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