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Kim Kardashian wears ‘KW’ ring

Kim Kardashian wears a ring with Kanye West's initials. (Splash Images)

You know a couple is serious when they're willing to brand themselves with their loved one's initials -- especially when they're superfamous and know the paparazzi will display their love for the entire world to see. In the past, this has been done with permanent tattoos, but in the case of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, nothing says love like a little bit of bling.

On her way to the airport to fly from Miami to London, Kim was spotted with a new gold ring on her ring finger (no, the other ring finger) with an attention-grabbing "KW" on it. She, sister Kourtney, two-year-old nephew Mason, and four-month-old niece Penelope were all travelling to England to promote the Kardashian fashion line, which will keep Kim separated from her beloved Weezy for quite some time.

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Kim wears "KW" earrings at LAX in April 2012. (Splash Images)

Much like the "KW" earrings she showed off  in April, the initials on Kim's finger serve as a constant reminder of her superstar rapper boyfriend. In one way, that's kind of sweet. (In another way, it's a bit like a dog collar, no?) The "KW" earrings appeared after the new lovebirds spent a romantic weekend in New York City together, which fueled speculation that West bought her the gold-and-diamond studs. Similarly, the happy couple recently celebrated Kim's 32nd birthday with an extravagant trip to Venice, which gave them plenty of opportunities to purchase a gold ring.

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West has never been seen wearing anything bearing Kim's initials, so it may seem strange that she's been seen multiple times wearing his. But perhaps she's just seriously head over heels for West and chose to wear the ring totally on her own. As Kim told British Cosmo, he's where she gets her confidence.

"He's great at boosting my confidence. He gives me compliments in every way possible," she said. But Kim also says they're in no rush to get engaged and have a wedding -- they'll at least wait have to wait until her divorce from her 72-day husband, Kris Humphries, is finalized.