Katherine Heigl reconnects with ‘My Father the Hero’ co-star Gerard Depardieu

The Juice
February 1, 2012

Katherine Heigl got a French kiss from Gerard Depardieu this morning.

It's not as salacious as you might think. The French actor was simply sending his old "My Father the Hero" co-star some love from his latest film set.

"He told me to give you a kiss for him," a reporter on Le Grand Journal told Heigl on Wednesday, which made her smile.

Heigl was only 14 when she landed her first starring role in the 1994 comedy about a precocious teen who pretends her father is her lover while she's on vacation.

The 33-year-old actress, who had studied French in school, revealed that Depardieu inadvertently taught her the word "merde" on set, as he simply kept using it "over and over and over."

Heigl no doubt wanted to use the word herself after seeing the film. She has admitted that she is "mortified" about the white thong swimsuit she wore in one scene and would have refused to wear it if she had known what she knows now.

At the time, Heigl was a child model for Wilhelmina (a job she called "brutal" on Anderson Cooper's show Wednesday) and "My Father the Hero" made the most of her assets, focusing on her long legs and lithe body.  Somehow the "They're French!" excuse doesn't make that any less creepy.

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