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Kate Hudson’s Adorable New Co-Stars

Kate Hudson is posing with two adorable co-stars in her fall 2013 ad for Ann Taylor, and she just happens to be related to them!

The 34-year-old enlisted the help of her brother Oliver's sons, 5-1/2-year -old Wilder and 3-year-old Bohdi, to give the feel of Hudson's real-life role as a mom juggling work and home life. With two boys of her own, a thriving acting career, and countless endorsements, Kate surely is the epitome of this ad.

Kate told Women's Wear Daily that this was her favorite campaign yet, because she gets to spend time with her family while she works. She said, "We have a very, very close family, so for them to be here today and enjoy this process with me and to be able to see them on Madison Avenue in these pictures is going to be a lot of fun."

Kate has signed on to be the face of the brand until 2014, so it seems she may get to spend a lot more time with her nephews if they continue to be cast alongside her..

Check out the vid to see pics of Kate hanging out with her nephews, and be sure to watch "omg! Insider" on TV for the latest in entertainment news.
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