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Jessica Chastain uses sign language to speak to fan

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"The Help" star Jessica Chastain certainly didn't need any help communicating with a deaf fan this week.

The "Zero Dark Thirty" Oscar nominee was caught by photographers in New York on Thursday night using sign language with one of her autograph seekers. Chastain held her pen in her mouth as she communicated with the fan, who was waiting outside the Broadway theater where the 35-year-old actress performed in "The Heiress."

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Chastain learned to sign about two years ago on the set of her indie drama "Take Shelter" in order to communicate with deaf co-star Tova Stewart, who played her daughter in the film. In an interview with HitFix, co-star Michael Shannon revealed that his leading lady regularly practiced her new skill.

"Her main concern wasn't, 'Me, me, me.' It was always, 'Where's Tova?'" he said. "She was always playing with Tova and doing sign language with her and making sure she was OK."

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Along with her impressive signing technique, Chastain has expressed interest in learning other languages. In March, after awards season dies down and she finishes promoting her Spanish horror film, "Mama," the actress plans to head to Europe for a brief sojourn.

"I'm going to go to Italy. Mostly, I'm going to spend time in Milan and hang out and eat a lot of pasta," Chastain recently told U.K. Metro. "I love the cinema in Europe, I love the museums. I would be so happy if I spoke three languages."

Two down, one to go.