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Jared Leto dresses in drag on set of ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’

Jared Leto dresses as a woman on the set of "The Dallas Buyers Club." (Splash Images)

Matthew McConaughey isn't the only one making a drastic transformation for "The Dallas Buyers Club." While the 43-year-old Texan has lost a startling 38 pounds for his role as an AIDS patient, co-star Jared Leto is also showing off a shocking change in appearance.

New pictures from the New Orleans set of the Ron Woodroof biopic show Leto in costume as transvestite Rayon, complete in a "Charlie's Angels"-style black wig, midriff-baring gold halter-top, black miniskirt, and fur coat. Leto's character is based on a real-life AIDS patient who joined forces with Woodroof in the '80s to create the Dallas Buyers Club, which provided AIDS patients with alternative antiviral medications.

Leto prepares for his role. (Jared Leto/Instagram)

Leto took to Twitter this week to document his physical preparation for the role, which included waxing his legs, underarms, and eyebrows.

"What I have learned today: Beauty Is Pain #waxonwaxoff," Leto tweeted Wednesday.

Leto in October 2012. (Luca Teuchmann/WireImage)

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This is not the first time Leto has gone in drag. In 2010, the 40-year-old "My So-Called Life" alum admitted he once walked through New York as a woman.

"I put on fishnets and a black wig, old-school French. I picked it myself. And I had a Russian accent," he told U.K.'s ELLE. "I was walking down Madison Avenue in New York thinking, 'Wow, I bet people are going to think, "Who is that chick?"' No one thought that, though."

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But Leto wasn't offended. He simply realized that although he is a good-looking man, the same isn't true for him as the opposite sex.

"I thought I'd make a really good woman, but the jaw is too big and even my little muscles, as soon as you put on a pink tube top, you just look too manly," he said.

"The Dallas Buyers Club" is set to hit theaters in 2013.