Happy 23rd Birthday Jennifer Lawrence! 9 Reasons We Wish You Were Our Bestie

Jenny Depper
The Juice
August 15, 2013
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Jennifer Lawrence is turning 23 years old on August 15, and since we can't be there to blow out the birthday candles alongside our favorite Oscar winner, we decided to celebrate her birth with a few GIFs.

J-Law, as she has been affectionately nicknamed, busted onto the Hollywood scene in 2011's "Winter's Bone" and has continued to wow us with her acting chops ever since, while taking all of the Hollywood hullaballoo in stride.

The Kentucky-bred actress regularly ups her cool factor by being relatable and down to earth. She often jokes about her "grandma butt," disses Bradley Cooper's kissing style, and occasionally photo bombs A-list stars like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Even film legend Meryl Streep couldn't escape being included in one of Lawrence's quips. The blond starlet took aim at Streep in her Golden Globe acceptance speech this year saying, "I beat Meryl!"

While media pundits cried foul, we knew our J-Law was just, well, being J-Law and it was done all in jest.

Truth be told, if she wasn't running around with a bow and arrow on the "Hunger Games" set, we'd secretly love to talk smack about boys and celebs with Jen at a slumber party. In high school, she probably would have been the first person on our phone list when we wanted to toilet paper someone's house.

Since we don't want to get too gushy on her b-day, we've compiled this awesome collection of Lawrence's finest moments in GIF form, which demonstrate why we wish she was our BFF!

1. Girl can shake her groove thing like nobody is watching!

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2. Champagne is meant to be chugged … duh!

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3. Photobombing is practically on her resume!

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4. She doesn't care about a silly little thing like carbs!

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5. We imagine this is how she feels about the haters …

6. She isn't afraid of the ugly cry!

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7. When she falls down, she gets right back up!

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8. She knows the value of a happy dance …

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9. When Jack Nicholson creeps up on her, this is her totally fitting reaction!

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