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Can you guess which TV star this is?


We all knew a kid like this when we were growing up, didn't we? Big glasses, buck teeth, bad bangs, accurately described as "geeky." This blonde, blue-eyed girl from the '80s is a prime example of a child destined to be a "late bloomer." But bloom she did, into one of TV's sexiest stars.

This future actress was born in 1982 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she lived until she moved to New York City to pursue acting at The Julliard School. From there, she appeared in off-off-Broadway plays, a movie by Adam Rapp, and the film adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's novel "Choke."

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But it wasn't until 2009 that she was cast in a critically-adored TV comedy series set inside a fictional community college. Made up of a young cast of relative unknowns (well, except for one), the absurd comedy might not get the best ratings on TV, but it has earned several awards for its writing and acting performances.

So, who is she?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Yes, it's "Community" star Gillian Jacobs. These vintage photos of the actress, who plays Britta Perry on the NBC sitcom, surfaced on the Internet this week. Jacobs is practically unrecognizable, especially since she has since blossomed into a major babe.

And even though these old photos of Jacobs look sickly sweet, it seems that she always had a spicier side to her, even as a kid. Apparently she had some pretty awful thoughts towards her babysitter, Mrs. B, and a highly advanced (and slightly impressive) knowledge of swear words.

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Knowing this, the photo of young Jacobs seated at a table covered in paper and markers takes on a much more sinister feeling. Who knows what obscenities were about to come out? But, in any case, Jacobs is now a bit of an icon for female comedians, a role model for young girls, and a shining example of the phrase "Great things come in awkward packages."

"Community" returns to NBC and Citytv in February 2013.

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