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Dina Lohan gets weird interview on ‘Dr. Phil’

Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan (Photo By Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic)

"Are we rolling?" No, Dina Lohan, we're scratching our heads over your garbled, baffling, and altogether kind of sad interview with Dr. Phil.

Instead of answering Dr. Phil's pre-approved questions, Lohan instead uses a full hour to mumble inexplicable and illogical statements, offers to give him a fist pump (or, sorry, to "pound that"), twitch, cry, and flip the bird to the cameras and crew.

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It's hard to know what Dr. Phil was expecting when Mother LiLo sat down for the interview, but it's clear he wasn't happy with what he was getting. For example, here's an exchange that happened:

"Can I ask you a few questions and you answer them honestly?" he asked, beginning to lose his cool. "Yeah, that would be operative," Lohan laughed, then moved closer to him, she said, "...because we're friends. Nice shoes. I like them by the way."

Dr. Phil groaned, unexpectedly. "We're not here to talk about my shoes."

"Am I the worst guest you've ever had?" she asked, offering him her fist. "Can we pound that? Oh no? Ok."

Asked about her daughter Lindsay's legal woes, including her substance-abuse related arrests, Lohan says: "If she was living in New York, five of them would be obsolete."

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There are many other moments that we could repeat, like when she said she couldn't call the police when her husband broke into her home because cell phones "weren't as inept as they are now," but this video does a pretty good job.

But here's what she was supposed to talk about: her abusive relationship with her ex-husband Michael Lohan, and the legal problems of her daughter Lindsay, related to drinking and driving and drug possession. These are serious issues, and Dina certainly didn't do her or her family any favours with these interview antics. We're skeptical as to whether Dr. Phil could really have given her any useful advice, but hey, talking about a problem is the first step to correcting it, right?

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Instead, Dina comes off as scared, nervous, and overwhelmed (and okay, pretty off her rocker). A TV interview is probably not the place to deal with her personal problems, but by choosing to go on "Dr. Phil" she is purposely airing out her family drama (and inviting the public to talk about it.) And with all the attention that her zany interview is getting, it looks like we will be talking about the Lohans for a long time to come.