Which TV characters do you want with you during the apocalypse?

Word on the (Mayan) street is that today -- December 21 -- will signal the end of human civilization as we know it. So far, we're seemingly in the clear. But just in case the rest of the day doesn't go as well (or if the apocalypse shows up late), we've rounded up the TV characters that we think would make facing a post-apocalyptic situation easier.

But please warned: we only chose one character from "The Walking Dead." (So we could make room for two characters from "Parks and Recreation.")


Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from "The Walking Dead"
It was a toss-up: opt for Rick and his ability to stay alive through 35 episodes, or pick Darryl (Norman Reedus) for Reedus' role in the 2002 film, "Deuces Wild." However, if Rick can maintain a sense of purpose for three seasons in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, surely, he'd have a few tricks up his sleeve after a boring old "Rapture." Sorry, Darryl. Your time's run out.


Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) and Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) from "Parks and Recreation"
You may think it's impossible to pick just one character from Pawnee, Indiana, and you would be right. Ron's ability to survive in the wilderness (and to make hearty meals) makes him an invaluable asset, while the fact that Leslie is organized and determined pegs her as leader. And if you don't want Leslie Knope as a leader, you may not deserve to join this team.


Skyler White (Anna Gunn) from "Breaking Bad"
Surprised, aren't you? Understandable. But while Skyler was the resident buzzkill from Seasons 1 to 4, it was her role in the latest season that proves her willingness to survive in the wake of danger. Walter (Bryan Cranston)? He is the danger, whereas Jesse (Aaron Paul) is too emotionally fragile. Hank (Dean Norris) takes too long to figure things out (like the fact that his brother-in-law being a meth dealer), while Marie (Betsey Brandt) would probably steal everything from you (since she's into that). And Mike (Jonathan Banks), sadly, is with us no more.


Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) from "Homeland"
If Saul Berenson can track down terrorists, maintain his sanity, and somehow keep enough love in his heart for his job and estranged wife, he is essential in improving the dream team's morale. And at the very worst case scenario, he can channel his inner Mandy Patinkin and sing for everyone.


Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss) from "Mad Men"
Two is better than one. And while we already have one team leader, imagine the force created by Peggy and Ms. Knope working together. Not only would survival be ensured, jobs would be created, money would be earned, and parks would be built. Parks perfect for gourmet meals made by one Ron Swanson.

And there you have it. No, you may not have the comedic stylings of "New Girl's" Schmidt (Max Greenfield) or the philosophy of "Girls'" Hannah (Lena Dunham), but anything other than a basic crew will only hold you back. Unless, of course, you need somebody to sacrifice first. And in that case, may we suggest any of the characters from "Smash"?

Which TV characters do you think would come in handy during the apocalypse?