Tom Hiddleston teaches the Cookie Monster about self-control (VIDEO)

Was "Sesame Street" always this star-studded in the '70s and '80s? Does it matter? No, because Tom Hiddleston just appeared on the series to teach Cookie Monster a lesson we should all probably master: self control and delayed gratification.

No, seriously. The clip sees Cookie Monster pine for the cookie Hiddleston has, and instead of giving Cookie Monster what he wants, the actor lectures about self-regulation and accepting that you can't always get what you want.

Mission accomplished! After waving the cookie around Cookie Monster (who is obviously battling with addiction of some sort, so in no way is this unfair or even mean), the "Sesame Street" resident learned the importance of waiting your turn.

But wait a minute: how does Hiddleston know Cookie Monster will "ultimately" get a cookie later for sure? And what kind of monster (actual monster) lords a cookie over someone with a known cookie weakness? Is this a habit of Hiddleston's? Does he take shopping addicts shopping or does he hang out in bars promising beers later? (After waving them around?)

Well, it's fine, because Cookie Monster ended up getting a whole plate of cookies in the long run despite Hiddleston's cruelness. Was this maybe also a lesson on bullying? Maybe we missed the part where Big Bird comes in and teaches the British actor that just because you have something that someone else doesn't have means you can brag about it. Probably the only thing that will make this better is if Tom Hiddleston shows up right now and brings each and every one of us our own plate of cookies -- that we can eat right now.

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