Regina launches their own ‘Bachelor’-style show, ‘Lamb For Love’

Victor Lam will star in Regina's

Maybe Brad Smith of "The Bachelor Canada" isn't for you. Or maybe he is, but you'd like your chance to meet someone who lives a little closer to home (or in the prairies).

If so, "Lamb For Love," a new Regina, Sask., dating reality show that will air on the city's Access7 network, is right up your alley. Much like "The Bachelor Canada," the series will see one gentleman date a number of women in hopes of securing love and marriage. Unlike "The Bachelor," however, it will star Regina's Victor Lam.

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Lam, who claims dating has been a challenge, will go from group dates to one-on-one hangouts, showcasing all Regina has to offer in the meantime.

"I hope [viewers] laugh along with the show and cheer Victor on," director and producer Lowell Dean told Metro. "I also hope they find a couple of places where they say, 'I didn't know you could do that in Regina.'"

However, Regina tourism board can't get too excited quite yet: "Lamb For Love" is still in its early stages and hasn't gone into production yet. That being said, if you think Victor might be the one, you can find out how to submit yourself for consideration on the show's Facebook page.

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But the real question of the hour is whether "Lamb For Love" will begin a trend. Regional "Bachelor" knock-offs might not see the cliff-scouring or lobster fishing of the national version, but they can appeal to the reality TV fan who hankers for familiarity when watching a stranger court a number of women. Or, at the very least, they can conjure up interest for various cities fellow Canadians may have overlooked.

Do you hear that, Victor? The pressure's on you, pal.