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Kristen Bell annoys Ryan Lochte on ‘The Tonight Show’

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August 17, 2012

Kristen Bell's talk show appearances are noteworthy for their sheer amount of cuteness. Like, don't even try to talk to her about sloths, like Ellen Degeneres did.

So, when Bell took to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" this week, we were excited to hear her quirky stories. As it turns out, she has quite a bit to say about sports -- and, in particular, the Olympics. In her own segment, she joked with Leno, "Some of that stuff does not look that difficult to me ... I'm like, 'I could do that. I know I could do it.'"

If you ask us, it's pretty clear she's pulling everyone's leg.

But it seems like USA swimming champion Ryan Lochte forgot to do his hamstring stretches today, as Bell's sense of humour appeared to rub him the wrong way. It began when Bell tried on the swimmer's five Olympic medals.

"I like jewelry!" she squealed as she picked up the heavy medals, which matched her purple dress surprisingly well. "All right, I'll put them on! Geez, everyone, get off my back!"

Lochte did not look pleased.

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Bell continued to chime in during the rest of Lochte's talk with Leno, asking him to confirm whether or not he had 27 minutes of rest or 27 minutes of sleep in between two races, to which he answered something about a buildup of lactic acid.

"Geez Louise!" was Bell's response. She also insisted that she'll be following up with Olympic officials to inquire why Lochte was not allowed to wear his American flag grill on the podium.

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Though the 28-year-old gold medal-winning athlete rarely shows much emotion, he seemed pretty bewildered by the sarcastic jokes from the 32-year-old "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star.

"Do you know how much training you have to do for 'Dancing with the Stars'?" Bell quipped at one point.

A slightly annoyed Lochte replied, "Do you know how much training you have to do to swim?"

Lochte might have been on the Olympic podium, but if you ask us, Kristen Bell definitely came away as the champion of "The Tonight Show" games. She wins a gold medal for being hilarious!

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