‘Community’ and ‘Mad Men’ star Alison Brie re-enacts Internet memes

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April 16, 2013

Alison Brie is one heck of a talent, as evidenced by the vastly different performances she gives as Trudy on "Mad Men" and Annie on "Community." But on top of dressing down on-screen husband Pete Campbell (Vincent Karthesier) on the April 14 episode of "Mad Men," Brie showcased a newfound skill while on Paul F. Tompkin's YouTube series, "Speakeasy."

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In addition to talking to Tompkins about her TV gigs, Brie took the opportunity to tackle one of her hardest roles to date: various Internet memes. From Grumpy Cat to "Ermahgerd," Brie does her best impression of each, and succeeds brilliantly (provided that falling backwards onto a stool is par for the course).

Grumpy Cat will never be the same.

Meanwhile, you can catch Brie on an episode of "Community" this Thursday, April 18 on CityTV, and on "Mad Men" Sundays on AMC. In her interview with Tompkins, Brie actually mentions the similarities between both characters (saying they are arguably the same), but would Trudy Campbell really put up with the study group's shenanigans for four years? Maybe -- it did take her more than five seasons of "Mad Men" to call out Pete Campbell.

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This is when we all begin wondering whether Annie Edison is actually just Pete and Trudy's granddaughter. (Are you reading this, Matthew Weiner?)

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