‘Boy Meets World’ stars Rider Strong and Ben Savage are all grown up

Rider Strong/Instagram, Ben Savage/Twitter

Rider Strong/Instagram

The world has done a body good for the boys of "Boy Meets World."

Twelve years after the conclusion of the ABC sitcom that shot them to fame, Ben Savage, who played awkward teen Cory Matthews, and Rider Strong, who played Cory's hot best friend Shawn Hunter, have grown up in a big way.

Savage and Strong on "Boy Meets World." (ABC)

In photos circulated by BuzzFeed (via Strong's Twitter account), the 32-year-old actor,  has transformed into a hunk of a man accessorizing his good looks with a beard and some eye-popping muscles. Strong also has a grown-up job now: He owns his own production company with older brother Shiloh.

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These days, Strong is largely producing short films, the latest of which, "The Dungeon Master," was awarded Best Short at the 2011 Tribeca Film Fest. But he continues to act (you may remember him as the star of the 2002 horror film "Cabin Fever"), and last month appeared in the viral video "Hooker Lawyer," which had the comedy troupe Paulilu spoofing USA Network's legal dramas.

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But let's not forget Shawn's friend, Cory, who has finally stopped chasing Topanga and is no longer the awkward teen we remember. Fred Savage's now-strapping 31-year-old younger brother Ben has been acting steadily since "Boy" shuttered, appearing on shows like "Chuck," "Without a Trace" and "Bones."