‘Bachelor Canada’ recap: Oh baby, give me one more chance


We're getting closer to Brad making the ultimate choice, and after this week's episode, it's clear to see it won't be easy. But there's no time to waste! Our makeshift "Bachelor Canada" rose ceremony beckons, and it's time to revisit the one-hour episode that saw lobsters, icebergs, and the most awkward send-off in Canadian reality television history.

- The gang's off to the Maritimes for some fantasy dating. Brad confirms to the camera that he's ready to let someone in and to start a life, but his "strong relationship with each of these girls" is obviously getting a little confusing. Likely because he has a "strong relationship" with three different women. + 2 roses for honesty

- So the first "fantasy" date goes out to Bianka, whom Brad describes as "gorgeous, intelligent, provocative" and someone he now sees as wife material. And what better way to secure that bond than by kayaking around an iceberg in Ferryland, N.L., where it's revealed that Bianka thinks an iceberg is "a piece of foam" floating on the ocean. - 2 roses


- Luckily, a crisis is averted when instead of "going pouty" -- Brad's words exactly -- Bianka learns the precious lesson of "not every experience [being] the best." What is the best -- according to the show -- is Brad's invitation for her to join him in the "fantasy suite" after their picnic on Ferryland's freezing shores. What is not the best is Bianka's avid use of the word "babe" at the end of every sentence. - 1 rose

- But now it is Kara time. Kara, whom Brad can be himself around and whom he thinks he's falling for. However, despite their great rapport, Kara's kindness, looks, wit, and amazing family, there's an enormous red flag in the horizon: she's a little too much like Brad, which makes him nervous. - 2 roses


- Which is exactly why they head to the shooting range in Fox Harb'r Resort in Wallace, N.S. There, Kara admits that she's "always wanted to shoot a gun," which is perfect because for every direct hit they make, they are allowed to ask and answer a question about each other. Countless shots and three questions later, viewers learn that Kara "needs a family" to be happy, while Brad is looking for someone whose faults he can tolerate. A best friend and lover, which is likely the theme of their evening spent in -- you guessed it -- the "fantasy suite." + 1 rose

- But don't worry, fellow Whitney aficionados -- there's still a date to be had. Like last week, Brad re-visits their physical chemistry versus her emotional shortcomings, which is probably why their fantasy date involves lobster fishing in Ravenglass, P.E.I. Fortunately for Brad, there is something in the lobster: Whitney finally admits that she likes him, and peace is restored to Smithonia. + 3 roses


- Or IS IT? Behind the scenes, Whitney starts crying, admitting that she doesn't think "this" is what she necessarily wants. (What? The extreme dates? The reality show? Nights spent in the "fantasy suite"?) She calls her sister, who tells her to pull the plug and stop stringing him along. More tears, but that doesn't stop Whitney from attending the rose ceremony. - 5 roses

- And so the first rose goes out to Bianka, who accepts it gratefully, while everyone who watches at home echoes an out-loud, "Duh." As for the second? You got it: Whitney. The very person who, minutes earlier, had claimed she was too confused to proceed with this charade, and should probably set herself and Brad free. And so she takes the rose, burying her feelings, leaving audiences to gape at the screen as Kara sadly looks at her now ex-love, until... (+ 6 roses for a "surprise twist")

- Whitney interrupts. Kara's face freezes. Bianka's face implies she would like to be anywhere else but in or around that situation. Brad's face drops, but Whitney insists she must talk to him despite Brad being in the middle of his Kara goodbye. Instead of listening to Whitney (essentially tell him she shouldn't be there), he scolds her, and, like a dad, makes her apologize to Kara before Kara packs into the limo and drives into the night. - 4 roses for "are you kidding, Brad?!"


- But the damage has been done. And as she literally tries to tell him she's confused and unsure of the whole relationship, he convinces her to stay and insists she'll change her mind. The tables have turned: gone are Whitney's jogs to Brad's hotel room in hopes to score some alone time. Now, Brad hugs Whitney, who does little more than keep her arms at her sides. Could it be? Has Whitney won everyone over as we now root for her freedom? + 2 roses for "run, Whitney, run!"

Best bachelorette of the week: Whitney. She's keeping it real, despite now being the equivalent of Belle being trapped in the castle.

Worst bachelorette of the week: Kara. She didn't do much -- not even when her "break up" with Brad was interrupted. (Come on, Kara!)

Brad's smooth line of the week: "This is the most selfish thing you could've done." (Sorry, DAD.)