‘Arrow’: What you can expect from Season 2

Stephen Amell stars on "Arrow." (The CW)

At the end of the first season of "Arrow," Starling City was rocked by an earthquake, Tommy had died and there was no telling where Olly and Laurel’s relationship was headed next. It was a fitting finale for The CW’s action packed series based on the DC Comic Book character Green Arrow, but one that left many fans wondering where “Arrow” will go next.

Now, we have some answers -- thanks to the show’s producers, who’ve unveiled a whole host of intriguing revelations over the last few weeks. So to help you gear up for season 2, here’s a rundown of everything you might expect when “Arrow” shoots back onto our screens this Fall.

SPOILER ALERT! Needless to say, there are spoilers ahead. If you want to keep the mystery alive, best look away now.

Things have changed
The season 2 premiere takes place five months after the devastating events of the earthquake that levelled The Glades at the end of season 1. Speaking at San Diego Comic Convention, Stephen Amell revealed that his character has changed along with the city. “It’s not about crossing names off the list anymore,” he said. Instead, Tommy’s death is going to drive Olly to become a fully-fledged hero.

There’s a new hero in town...
But Olly won’t be the only hero strutting his stuff in Starling City. Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles earlier this week, the show’s creative team revealed that the universe would be expanded in season 2 to include Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash). The plan is for the character to get his own spin-off series, but “Arrow” fans will be able to watch his origin story unfold first hand during season 2.

Actually, make that two new heroes
But Barry Allen isn’t the only DC hero who’ll be joining the cast for its sophomore season: the producers have also confirmed that Olly Queen will be joined by the Black Canary. The Black Canary is a crime fighting character and long-term love interest of the Green Arrow in DC’s comic book universe. Katie Cassidy’s character Laurel Lance is named after her, but the producers have already announced that it’s newcomer Caity Lotz who will be donning the domino mask in season 2.

There will be new villains, too
Summer Glau will make an appearance in the season premiere as Isabel Rochev, an ongoing adversary who is trying to wrestle control of Queen Industries away from Olly’s family. The rogue’s gallery will be rounded out by “True Blood” star Kevin Alejandro, who’s playing political villain Sebastian Blood, and former “Spawn” star Michael Jai White, who’ll be playing the claw-wielding assassin Bronze Tiger.

And some familiar faces
Alongside his new adversaries, the Vigilante will also have to face off against some familiar foes. The show’s producers confirming that Kelly Hu’s China White and John Barrowman’s Malcolm Merlin will both return in some role.

Olly gets some new toys
Olly’s hideout was destroyed along with the Glades at the end of season 1, and his bow was also snapped by Barrowman’s Dark Archer. That means fans can look forward to some upgraded hardware as season 2 gets underway. As executive producer Marc Guggenheim put it in a recent interview: “The stuff to look forward to the most is all the new toys we’re going to put on the table.”

And a change of name
During the season 2 teaser shown at the San Diego Comic Convention earlier this month (see below) Stephen Amell’s character could be heard telling his bodyguard John Diggle that “I don't want to be called the Hood any more.” That suggests the character might finally adopt the Green Arrow moniker which he’s known by in the comic book world.

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