• A Bubbling Controversy Over SodaStream’s Super Bowl Spot

    Paging rewrite!

    For the second year in a row, SodaStream has had to alter its Super Bowl advertising at the eleventh hour.

    This year's ad features actress Scarlett Johansson expounding about the advantages of SodaStream over other carbonated beverages (cough, Pepsi, Coke, cough). At the conclusion of the tongue-in-cheek ad, Johansson turns to the camera and says, "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi."

    It's a relatively tame diss, but you won't hear it when the ad airs during the Super Bowl on Sunday. The commercial was rejected by Fox, the network airing the big game, and recut to feature a different line that doesn't directly reference the big two soda-makers, who are also big Super Bowl advertisers.

    A spokesperson for Coca-Cola told USA Today the company did not pressure Fox about the commercial.

    SodaStream Chief Marketing Officer Ilan Nacasch spoke to Yahoo TV about the controversy and whether being "banned" is actually good for business.

    Nacasch said he didn't know the version in which

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  • Lauren Collins on "Kroll Show." (Comedy Central)

    Lauren Collins may have left "Degrassi" in 2008, but she still loves her Canadian roots. nowhere is this more clear than in her recent guest spot on "Kroll Show," appearing in the sketch show's "Degrassi" parody this week.

    Set in fictional "Wheels, Ontario," the sketch revolves around a teen named Mikey (played by Nick Kroll), who catches the eye of wheelchair-bound Colette (played by Collins). You can watch it unfold below (warning: some not-safe-for-work language):

    Collins was known for her mean streak as Paige Michalchuk on "Degrassi," but it's clear she's got some comedy chops, too. According to IMDB, the actress is set to appear in four episodes of "Kroll Show" this season, so here's hoping this is just the beginning of her comedy career.

    Still, we'll always remember Collins as the Head B In Charge on "Degrassi." Check her out having a snide-off with one of her underlings in this clip:

    You can see how Colette and Mikey play out every Tuesday night on "Kroll Show" at 10:30 p.m.

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  • Meet the Real Johnny Drama on A&E’s ‘Wahlburgers’ Premiere

    Kevin Dillon as Johnny Drama in Entourage and Johnny Alves in Wahlburgers

    With all due respect to Kevin Dillon, viewers will meet the real Johnny Drama — the character who inspired the famous "Entourage" character — on Wednesday night's series premiere of A&E's new celebreality show "Wahlburgers."

    As the name suggests, the show revolves around the Wahlberg family — yes, those Wahlbergs: Mark, Donnie, etc. — and their plans to turn their local burger joint into a chain of international burger joints.

    Brothers Mark and Donnie are partners with their big brother, Paul, the chef and detail-obsessed proprietor of Wahlburgers, while family matriarch Alma (who is officially the new queen mama of reality TV) spends plenty of time advising her brood, and trying to be diplomatic when they constantly quiz her about which of them is her favorite.

    [Related: Meet the Star of the Wahlberg Brothers' New Reality Series: Chef Paul, the Other Wahlberg Bro]

    And then there's the real Drama; that's Johnny Alves, a Wahlberg brothers friend since he was hired to "babysit" Mark

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  • "Saturday Night Live" is adding a co-anchor to "Weekend Update," and while his face may not be familiar, his writing will be!

    The show announced that head writer Colin Jost will join Cecily Strong at the desk starting March 1 after Seth Meyers departs to host "Late Night."

    The 31-year-old Jost first started writing for "SNL" in 2005 and was promoted to head writer in 2012. He's received quite a few accolades for his work, including a Peabody Award, three Writers Guild of America Awards, and eight Emmy nominations.

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    Here are five things to know about our new "Weekend Update" anchor:

    1. He edited the Harvard Lampoon, of course.

    The university's humor publication is a feeder to the Hollywood comedy scene, having produced big names like Conan O'Brien, Greg Daniels, Al Jean, and B.J. Novak. At the Lampoon, Jost honed his comedic writing chops.

    "When you're around people who are trying to be funny all day and

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  • Dogs do the slow clap in CarMax Super Bowl spot

    CarMax has released two different Super Bowl spots. They're very similar, save for one teeny-tiny difference. Can you figure it out?

    Here's the first version of the "Slow Clap" spot, which will air in a 30-second format on game night:

    And here's the other version, which will be shown only on the Web:

    Stumped?  Look closely and you'll notice that in the second version, none of the actors are wearing pants (we missed it the first time, too). A bold move that makes the clip very buzzy but too risqué for a Super Bowl TV audience.

    Both spots are homages to the classic underdog film "Rudy," in which the titular character, played by Sean Astin (who has a cameo in the fully-clothed version) receives a slow clap for his accomplishments at Notre Dame.

    Which one do you like better? Leave a comment below.

    Follow Mike Krumboltz on Twitter (@mikekrumboltz).

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  • This Nov. 18, 2013 photo shows actor-comedian Bill Cosby in New York. Cosby will star in a new comedy special Bill Cosby: Far from Finished, premiering Nov. 23, at 8 p.m. EST on Comedy Central. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)Bill Cosby is coming back to your TV... and not just in reruns.

    Cosby has signed a deal with NBC to star in a new sitcom as the dad of a multigenerational family, Deadline first reported. (NBC has since confirmed the news to Variety.) The untitled series, produced by "Cosby Show" veteran Tom Werner, will be based on Cosby's unique perspective on marriage and parenting.

    Of course, the Peacock Network is hoping this new series follows the mold of "The Cosby Show," Cosby's classic 1984-92 sitcom which dominated the ratings and made NBC a primetime powerhouse. After that show ended, Cosby briefly returned to sitcoms with CBS's "Cosby," which ran from 1996 to 2000.

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    Bill Cosby and the cast of NBC's The Cosby Show (1984-92)The 76-year-old Cosby is fresh off his first TV standup special in 30 years, Comedy Central's "Far From Finished," which aired in November. That month, he spoke with Yahoo TV about his plans to create a new sitcom: "I want to be able to deliver a

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  • Mark Davis/Getty Images for Tory BurchRashida Jones may be leaving "Parks and Recreation" (and yes, absolutely, it's okay to begin crying now), but fear not, friends: Variety reports that the former "Office" star will be joining forces with fellow Dunder Mifflin alum, Steve Carell and his wife, Nancy, on their upcoming series, "Tribeca."

    The single camera TBS comedy will focus on the character of Angie Tribeca (Jones), a 10-year veteran of LAPD's RHCU (Really Heinous Crimes Unit), who leads a "brilliant but eclectic group of cops." Both Carells wrote the pilot and will serve as executive producers, and Steve Carell will direct the show (which we can expect to see in November). Cling to this when Ann leaves Pawnee next week.

    However, what's even more exciting is that thanks to the critical success "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" (which took home Best Comedy Series at the Golden Globes this month), we know there's a market for funny cop shows to balance the "Criminal Minds" and "SVU"s of the world. (See also: the dark, morbid and

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  • Jennifer Lawrence is the reigning queen of wacky, unpredictable, and self-deprecating red carpet interviews, but things went to the next level at the SAG Awards on Saturday when she met Brody, aka Damian Lewis from Showtime's "Homeland."

    Lawrence, who was being interviewed by "Access Hollywood" in tandem with "Homeland's" Lewis, admitted to watching the first two seasons of "Homeland" twice, saying "I'm freaking out a little bit ... I've never met Brody before."

    [Related: Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her Clumsiest Moments]

    So when the interviewers decided to combine things to let Lawrence meet "Brody," she freaked, clutching the wall and yelling, "I love 'Homeland' so much! ... It's my favorite show, ever!" Only Lewis suggesting they "cuddle" could peel her off of the wall for a hug and an awkwardly flustered chat.

    But then things got real. And — spoiler alert! — "Access" ruined the end of Season 3 for Lawrence, after she was clear that she had not yet seen it. So if you haven't seen it yet

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  • It’s a ‘Full House’ Reunion … for a Super Bowl Commercial!

    It’s the “Full House” reunion we’ve all been clamoring for. Well, half of it, anyway.

    For its 2014 Super Bowl commercial, Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt enlisted spokesman John Stamos, as well as his former “Full House” co-stars Dave Coulier and Bob Saget, to team up again.

    A preview of the 30-second spot is available at OikosBromance.com, along with a few goofy outtakes; the ad will air during the fourth quarter of the big Feb. 2 game. The concept was crowdsourced from the video production platform Poptent.

    [Related: Ashley Olsen's Rare Appearance Makes for a Real 'Full House' Reunion]

    In the "Big Game Tease," Stamos applauds a good game and prepares to turn in to bed. The camera pans over to show Coulier and Saget sitting on a kitchen counter in pajamas.

    “Don't you think it's time we all get our own places?” Saget wonders.

    But where are the girls — Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? Weren’t they invited?

    How rude!

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  • What’s the Best ‘Tonight Show’ Advice Jay Leno Gave Jimmy Fallon?

    Jay Leno, host of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, left, and Jimmy Fallon, host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon backstage at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif. NBC announced Wednesday, April 3, 2013 that Jimmy Fallon is replacing Jay Leno as the host of The Tonight Show in spring 2014. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, file)

    Next month, Jimmy Fallon officially takes over the "Tonight Show" reins from Jay Leno — and Leno has already given him a sage bit of advice on the transition.

    Fallon told critics at NBC's winter press tour today that when he reached out to Leno for "Tonight Show" pointers, "he said, 'You have to make your monologue longer.' We were doing a three and a half or four-minute monologue, and Jay was doing nine or ten minutes. So we had to double our monologue."

    But Jay had a good reason for the tip; he told Fallon that "a lot of people work all day, and they don't get around to seeing the news. If they happen to miss the news... they go to you for the news." And Fallon said he could relate to that, because growing up, "I got all my news from 'Saturday Night Live.'"

    More "Tonight Show" scoop from Fallon:

    * First things first: Fallon's first "Tonight Show" guest will be Will Smith, with musical guest U2.

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