North Stars

Watch a young Ryan Gosling give a tour of Cornwall, Ont.

If Cornwall, Ont. is looking for a way to boost its image as a vacation destination, then boy, is it in luck. The city just received a gift from the tourism gods, as a recently-discovered video of "Mickey Mouse Club" era Ryan Gosling has surfaced, featuring the young actor pointing out his favourite hometown spots.

It’s common knowledge that this Hollywood A-lister, most recently seen in crime dramas “Gangster Squad” and “The Place Beyond the Pines,” got his acting start on the Disney Channel’s children’s entertainment show from 1993 to 1995. But every once in a while, a new vintage video surfaces on the Internet and we get yet another glimpse of the teenaged Gosling. This little treasure is apparently part of a series of videos in which cast members give the audience a tour of where they grew up.

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Watch the full clip here:

In this trip around Gosling’s hometown of Cornwall, Ont., we begin at the border between Canada and the United States. Of course, Gosling can’t resist jumping back and forth between the two, which is entertaining and shows off his dance moves.

Then we meet Gosling’s friend Stephen (Or Steven? We can’t hear spelling), rocking the heck out of a very trendy mushroom cut and a T-shirt that says “It’s time.” Bang on, Stevphen, it is time – time to cruise the downtown area, which Gosling explains is “where most of the stuff is happening.” These two young men about town hit up the music store first, of course, where Gosling giggles and bongos his way further into our hearts.

He has a pet Westie named Smidgen, of course. And we all go for a walk around Lamoureux Park bordering the St. Lawrence River, which Gosling likes because it’s pretty and it has a 10k bike path where “people just go and they just bike.” Next stop is the Cornwall Corn Fest, where people “just go and eat some corn.”

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While he’s not much for words for most of the video, in his final send-off, Gosling really brings it home. “You never really realize all the special jewels in your hometown until you leave,” he says. “I love this place. Come visit me!”

Of course, the now 32-year-old Gosling has long moved out of Cornwall for the sake of his show business career. But if the people of Cornwall are smart like the enterprising folks of Stratford, Ont., maybe Gosling's hometown can build up its tourism industry by cashing in on his name.