Should Ryan Reynolds date Sandra Bullock or Blake Lively?

North Stars
December 8, 2011
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Ryan Reynolds was spotted kissing and canoodling "Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively over American Thanksgiving weekend. A lot of Reynolds's fans were rooting for the Canadian hunk to rebound from wife Scarlett Johansson with longtime friend and "Proposal" co-star Sandra Bullock, but it seems Reynolds is getting serious with 24-year-old Lively. So, was he smart to choose the TV star, or would a relationship with Sandy B. make more sense? Let's look at the pros and cons:

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Blake Lively


  • She and Reynolds were co-stars in the "Green Lantern," which means they're both in shape and likely have a shared interest in comics and superheroes.
  • With her long, blond hair and modelesque figure, Lively makes great arm candy on the red carpet.
  • Like Reynolds, Lively comes from a big family. Lively has four siblings (one brother and three half-siblings), while Reynolds has three brothers. Christmas wouldn't be boring!
  • While Lively first entered the show-biz scene in films like "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," it was really the TV show "Gossip Girl" that helped the actress become a household name. Reynolds also rose to fame on television, thanks to the series "Two Guys and a Girl," so he can relate to fears of long-term contracts and typecasting.


  • Lively was born in 1987, while Reynolds's birthday is 1976. This 11-year age gap could cause some problems, especially if Reynolds has nostalgia for the 1980s and '90s, which Lively may not remember too well.
  • Lively seems to be a heartbreaker. The actress has dated the likes of "Gossip Girl" co-star Penn Badgley and A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio, and she doesn't seem to be looking for anything too serious. We hope Reynolds doesn't get crushed!
  • She's not too careful with taking (alleged) photos of herself using a camera phone, meaning poor Reynolds's privacy could be invaded. For someone who tries keeping his personal life private, this would not be good.

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Sandra Bullock


  • Bullock and Reynolds starred in the adorable romantic comedy "The Proposal" together, which trumps "Green Lantern" in our books. And since neither Meg Ryan nor Julia Roberts have ended up with their rom-com love interests, we'd love to see at least one of America's Sweethearts hooking up with her leading man.
  • They're longtime friends, so perhaps this Hollywood romance could actually last.
  • Bullock seems ready to settle down. Since she has an adopted son, Louis, and is raising him on her own, we think she's done with flings and is ready for Mr. Right. Since Reynolds has already been engaged to Alanis Morissette and married to Scarlett Johansson, we think he may be looking to have a nice family unit.
  • Like Reynolds, Bullock went through a very public divorce. She was married to "Monster Garage" star Jesse James and went through a humiliating public split when he cheated on her. Just like her "Proposal" co-star, Bullock understands the ups and downs of romance in Tinseltown.


  • While being friends first is a pro, it is also a con. If things didn't work out between the two, it could ruin their friendship. We love seeing Ry and Sandy hiking together. They seem like such great pals, so it would be sad if they lost that friendship.
  • The age difference. Unfortunately, the clock is not on their side. Bullock is 47, while Reynolds is only 35, which could be a problem if Reynolds wants biological children.

Conclusion: To us, there's no contest. We love seeing Reynolds spend time with Bullock and think it would be a match made in Hollywood heaven if the longtime friends were to become something more. While Lively seems very sweet, and she's clearly very into Reynolds (who could blame her?), her youth and blossoming career make us think she is nothing but a fun fling for Reynolds. To us, Bullock is the perfect fit for our Canadian heartthrob.

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