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Justin Bieber in Toronto: Allegedly throwing spit balls, playing guitar pick catch

Justin Bieber appears to spit over the balcony of his Toronto hotel. (Photo by Sean O'Neill)

Justin Bieber appears to spit over the balcony of his Toronto hotel.Justin Bieber was in a playful mood in Toronto yesterday after arriving in town for his two Toronto shows -- not only did he appear to throw spit balls off a balcony, he also played a game of catch during his first performance.

The 19-year-old "Boyfriend" singer was photographed on the balcony of his hotel on Thursday, appearing to spit off the balcony of the Hazelton Hotel in the Toronto neighbourhood of Yorkville. He was flanked by three friends (who he calls "theteam") who egged him on and took photos together.

Though it is unclear whether the Ontario native was aiming at anyone in particular, TMZ reports a number of his fans were gathered in front of the hotel all day. Bieber himself even posted a video of them screaming on Thursday. "I wake up this morning to this :) best fans in the world #beliebers #sexyfans," he wrote on Instagram.

The Biebs was equally playful when he hit the Air Canada Center stage on Thursday night. During his concert, while he was on a raised platform, he realized that he didn't have a back-up pick for his guitar. So, he asked a man named Dan, who was seated on the main stage, to throw him some.

"You can do this, I'm going to catch it," he said into his mic as his fans cheered. He then got the crowd to chant "Dan" as the man in question attempted to throw several picks to the Biebs. "This is like a game show -- you guys got a game show and a concert all at once," he quipped. Luckily, Bieber finally found a guitar on the platform after it had been moved closer to the main stage.

With another concert in Toronto on Friday, it's not yet game over for Bieber. In fact, on Friday, the Toronto Maple Leafs presented the Canadian pop star with a hockey stick, which the entire team had signed. The musician showed it off on Instagram, writing, "#blessed Toronto Maple Leafs."

Wonder if he'll be playing some pick hockey on stage tonight?

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