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Justin Bieber’s stolen laptop actually a PR stunt to debut ‘Beauty And A Beat’ video

Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber in the "Beauty and a Beat" video.

We admit it, Bieber, you had us all "Believe"-ing your PR stunt.

On Wednesday, Bieber sent the rumour mill whirring at full speed when he tweeted that some "personal footage" was stolen from him and his tour manager while performing a concert in Tacoma, Washington. Speculation immediately pointed to a sex tape that would leak onto the Internet by the culprit, who revealed themselves under the Twitter handle @gexwy, at noon today.

"good job with the password protected @justinbieber. weak" the anonymous tweeter posted, later adding, "@justinbieber i got your stupid dms. i dont think so. gonna show the world. TOMORROW!"

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But before @gexwy posted the secret video, a few blogs spotted the account as a fake. Controlled by Bieber's team, the scandal basically just hyped up the release of Bieber's self-directed video for "Beauty And A Beat," which features Nicki Minaj. said that it was weird that Bieber claimed the footage on his computer was "personal" in the first place. Then Nicki Minaj herself got caught up in the mix by suspiciously tweeting that a huge surprise was coming today at noon.

"uh oh...the barbz have a BIG surprise cmng tmrw" she wrote. Bieber himself also hinted at the reveal: "noon."

Gawker also spotted a screencap of the new video on VEVO, where the entire video inevitably debuted - you guessed it - Friday at noon.

"I told you I would post something WORTH watching and talking about @justinbieber @NICKIMINAJ" @gexwy wrote, right on schedule.

The video begins with a few segments of home movie footage, similar to two other videos @gexwy (an account that was created just for this promotion) posted earlier. Then it flows smoothly into the handheld-style video that follows Bieber through a dancer-filled late-night pool party, where he briefly "body rocks" with Nicki Minaj, who wears a pink feathery dress.

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For his other videos, Bieber just released teaser after teaser to build hype. But this seems much like a more calculated marketing stunt, calculated to mirror the style of the video itself. One day, Beliebers might be more excited to see how the 18-year-old pop star simply promotes his videos than they are about the actual videos themselves.