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Justin Bieber calms down excited fan with breathing technique

Justin Bieber and Gianna. (Twitter)

Without Justin Bieber, one of his fans might not have been "alright" this weekend.

The 18-year-old "Be Alright" singer had to calm down a girl named Gianna, one of his biggest fans, in Philadelphia on Sunday,  after she won a radio competition to interview her idol.

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In a video shot by Philly radio station Wired 96.5, Gianna looked visibly nervous as she stood next to the Biebs and prepared to ask him a series of questions in the less-than-five-minute interview before his concert.

"Are you nervous to do this interview? You seem super nervous," the Canadian pop star said as Gianna nodded. "Don't be nervous. How 'bout this? Take one deep breath."

Gianna did as the wise musician told her, but it didn't look like it helped much. So, Bieber had one more bit of advice.

"Just pretend I'm your best friend and we've known each other for so long," he said.

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Gianna, who won the interview after decorating her windows in Bieber paraphernalia for Halloween, asked Bieber about his favourite tour stop (Japan), his favourite song off his new album (he thinks "Catching feelings" is "sexy"), and the "Believe" collaborations he was most excited about (Drake, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean -- basically, all of them).

At the end of the interview, the Ontario native thanked his interviewer, called her "sweetie" and hugged her.

"I really just hugged @justinbieber this isn't real life omg," Gianna tweeted, along with photos of her posing with the man in question.