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Eva Mendes gets giggly over Ryan Gosling on ‘Ellen’

Mendes (without Gosling) at the 2012 MET Costume Gala. (Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images)

Call it crazy stupid love, but actress Eva Mendes still refuses to admit she's seeing Canuck actor Ryan Gosling, even though the two have been photographed together multiple times since last fall.

On "Ellen" Monday, the "Fast Five" star giggled and covered her face around suggestions she was dating the 31-year-old London native.

"I don't know if you ever run into him, if you know him in any way, or see him ever," Ellen DeGeneres said at one point.

When Mendes referred to her rumoured beau as Gosling, the host jumped on it.

"So you just call him by the last name?" DeGeneres asked. "You don't call him Ryan? You just call him Gosling -- when you see him ever?"

The 38-year-old actress blushed but accepted a gift from DeGeneres: a onesie for two.

"If I happen to see him tonight, I will give this to him," Mendes said, playing along. (However, she later turned up to the Met Costume Institute Gala on her own that evening.)

Gosling and Mendes met on the set of "The Place Beyond the Pines" last year and have reportedly been dating since September. He visited her on the Paris set of her film "Holly Motors" in November, and she returned the favour earlier this year, travelling to Thailand to keep Gosling company while he filmed "Only God Forgives" in Bangkok.

Not only that, but in Marie Claire's February issue, Mendes called Gosling her "dream co-star."

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