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Customers disappointed Ryan Gosling doesn’t show up to his own restaurant

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The constant buzz around the Beverly Hills restaurant Tagine often revolves around its blonde, blue-eyed co-owner, 32-year-old Canadian actor Ryan Gosling. Specifically, the restaurant's patrons are curious to see whether the hunky actor will ever make an appearance.

But unfortunately for those hopeful fans, the Toronto Sun reports that Gosling hasn't been at his restaurant in months.

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Tagine's home page mentions Gosling outright, and servers mention his name when taking reservations, even if Gosling is off in Texas filming a movie with Michael Fassbender and Rooney Mara (which he currently is). At about $100 a head, this Moroccan-style restaurant seems to get high reviews of the food, although on the restaurant's Yelp page, many eaters say Gosling is the reason they eat there in the first place. Unsurprisingly, many of the reviewers were disappointed when the dreamboat actor didn't show up while they were there.

"Hopefully I'll run in Ryan Gosling the next time I come..." wrote Shirley H.

"I didn't get to see Ryan Gosling," said Marian L.

"Ryan knows how to do many things well... his apparent qualities brought me here in curiosity of experiencing his point of view in dining... I had the fear that the excellent reviews may have been deeply biased.  But I braved it and dragged some friends with me anyway. (Sorry guys!)" wrote Ki D.

"I didn't really find anything overly notable about the food or the experience though that would make this a 5-star night out. I think its the Ryan Gosling inflation factor from the lady Yelpers:)" wrote Geoff C.

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Celebrity-owned restaurants are common fare, especially in New York and L.A., and often the owners themselves actually show up. Pete Wentz apparently DJs at his NYC restaurant Angels & Kings every Sunday, Sam Hagar hangs at his bar Cabo Wabo in Cabo San Lucas, Jon Bon Jovi owns a "Pay What You Want" restaurant named Soul Kitchen in New Jersey, and Heath Ledger was regularly seen at the location of his business Five Leaves, the Brooklyn hotspot which his friends completed for him after he died.

Obviously, Ryan Gosling is a super famous actor, and when he's not filming the next blockbuster, his busy schedule is filled with breaking up fights, saving women's lives, watching his mom graduate, or making surprise appearances at charity events. But Ryan, if you're going to be running the show at Tagine, you should at least be there to try the goods yourself once in a while!