Donald Trump Jr. is still not sorry about his hunting trip to Africa


It's quite common for travellers to collect souvenirs and photos from all the places they've visited to remind them of their adventures. But when photos leaked this past March of an African hunting trip Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric took in 2011, however, the reaction from PETA and hunting protestors wasn't so celebratory. But Donald Jr. wasn't sorry then, and he's still not sorry now.

In a recent interview with Deer & Deer Hunting, Trump addressed the uproar again, claiming their kills in Zimbabwe were "all legit."

"I think what made it sort of a bigger story and kind of national and even global news was that I didn't do what a lot of other people do, which is immediately start apologizing for what I am and that I'm a hunter and all this ... I kinda said, 'No, I am what I am. I did all those things. I have no regrets about it,'" he said in the video interview.

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Among the haul from their hunting trip was a crocodile, kudu, civet cat, water buck, and an elephant.  Trump Jr. is even seen holding a freshly-severed elephant tail in one of the leaked photos, while Eric lifts a dead leopard in another.

Even though hunting is legal in Zimbabwe and Trump Jr. claims that their bounty "fed a village for weeks," Eric and Donald's trip is currently under investigation by Zimbabwean authorities for potentially hunting without a license and using dogs to hunt the leopard, an endangered species. The report also claims that there were no villages in the area that could have been fed by the two sons of megawealthy exec Donald Trump. If found at fault, the brothers could face imprisonment or a fine up to $500,000.

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And if they are, it's not certain that Daddy Dearest will bail them out.

"I'm not a fan of the whole situation and I'm going to talk to them about it, yes," Donald Trump Sr. said back in March. "I've never liked it. I've never liked that they love it."

Donald Jr. and his wife Vanessa recently announced that they're expecting their fourth child this fall, so here's hoping he won't get any ideas at Disney's Animal Kingdom!