Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s kids make rare public appearance together

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Having movie stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman as your parents comes with some pretty cool perks! Just ask their adopted son Connor, who celebrated his 17th birthday with an awesome party at Hyde Lounge at Staples Center in L.A. on Wednesday. Connor's crowd of well-wishers at the fete included his older sister Isabella, who was also adopted by Tom and Nicole as a baby. The 19-year-old goes by Bella these days and is rarely photographed, unlike Cruise's other daughter with new wife Katie Holmes, the world's best-dressed 5-year-old, Suri. The last we heard, the redheaded Bella was working as an apprentice to Holmes on the "Dawson's Creek" actress' clothing line, Holmes & Yang. "Kate's designing and [Bella] is just working her way up," her proud poppa Tom Cruise told People last May. "She's an artist, Bella, so it's really great that she gets to work with it. She's loving it."

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As for the birthday bash, Connor -- whose Hollywood family tree now includes Keith Urban as a stepdad -- went with a DJ-themed fete since he's an aspiring DJ, often performing under the name of DJ C-Squared. (He's also an actor who's filmed the remake of " Red Dawn"). The teenager rode into the party in a Rolls-Royce Ghost and, once he arrived, pretended to spin some tunes on a cake made to look like a DJ table, before taking over the real DJ booth. Later, he posed with not one, but two cars that I can only assume were gifts.

Both Cruise kids looked happy as they popped a pose together on the red carpet Wednesday night. They also looked quite grown-up, reminding us of the days when Tom and Nic were a couple toting them around Tinseltown. Who would have thought then that the two would turn out so normal — at least by MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen" standards? Do you think they'll be in the spotlight more as adults?