Ed Sheeran gets Taylor Swift-inspired tattoo

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images, Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Taylor Swift has turned Ed Sheeran red. The 21-year-old British singer, who collaborated with Swift on her new album, "Red," recently got a tattoo to celebrate their work together (and, rumour has it, something more).

On Sunday, tattoo artist Kevin Paul tweeted a photo of Sheeran, and a detail of the photo showed the logo for "Red" as part of Sheeran's new "mad sleeve" tattoo. The new ink includes images from cities Sheeran has visited and a puzzle piece that lines up with those tattooed on his friends.

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Despite reports that Sheeran is dating Swift, the U.K. musician told MTV this week that the tattoo was, in fact, to celebrate that he will be touring with Swift next March to promote "Red," the top-selling album on iTunes in Canada this week.

Ed Sheeran's "RED" tattoo. (Twitter)

"I get tattoos for landmarks," Sheeran said. "If I'm going to be on tour with this album for six months I thought that would be quite a big part of my life."

Rumours about the musicians' relationship began after Swift, who recently lamented being painted as a serial dater, reportedly split with boyfriend Connor Kennedy last month. Sheeran was an obvious target, considering he had been working closely with Swift.

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"Ed Sheeran and I wrote a duet called 'Everything Has Changed' while sitting on a trampoline in my back yard," Swift recently told Daily Mail's You magazine. "We had one guitar, which we passed back and forth, and then we baked an apple pie, or rather my friends and I baked it and Ed watched and then ate it afterwards."

The two have since tweeted back and forth, with Sheeran most recently congratulating Swift for selling 1.2 million albums in a week with an, "orrrrsssuuummmm."

But though Sheeran and Swift are getting closer, rumour authority Gossip Cop says a source close to the duo denies they are dating. The Brit musician himself recently admitted that he isn't much for the ladies.

"I am the worst with women, I'm just awkward -- I can't start up conversations," Sheeran told The Sun in September. "I should be rock and roll and should be doing everything that moves -- but it's all good."