Johnny Depp Has His Own Diamond Engagement Ring!

Suzy Byrne
Celebrity News
March 31, 2014
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In the playbook of Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp, diamond engagement rings aren't just for the ladies.

While promoting "Transcendence" in Beijing over the weekend, the 50-year-old was asked to confirm his engagement to Amber Heard, 27, and he did so by telling the Associated Press, "The fact that I'm wearing a chick's ring on my finger is probably a dead giveaway. Not very subtle."

Watch his interview here:

During the exchange, the quirky star laughed as he held up his left hand and showed off a single diamond ring on that finger. The new accessory is a decidedly different look than the collection of skull rings he's worn on his digits since his "Pirates of the Caribbean" days.

And Depp's new sparkler is more modest than the bauble his fiancée has been wearing since January. The "3 Days to Kill" actress has a massive white oval diamond, which is said to be in the five-carat range and retail for about $100,000.

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Depp, who was married once in the 1980s (and has three broken engagements), also joked about wedding planning with the Associated Press.

"I think that I would be better at making women's shoes than I would be at wedding planning. I can't plan anything," he said. "I'm really bad at that stuff."

News first broke about Depp's engagement to his "The Rum Diary" co-star in mid-January after they made their public debut as a couple on Golden Globes eve at the Art of Elysium gala. Paparazzi snapped the actress leaving a Los Angeles restaurant with a ginormous piece of bling on her left ring finger. However, Depp, who has been tight-lipped about his romance with Heard, hasn't spoken publicly about the engagement until now.

The pair has been linked since 2012, around the time Depp's 14-year relationship with Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has two children, ended. Earlier this month, Depp and Heard were feted at an engagement party in Los Angeles with guests including Steven Tyler, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Marilyn Manson. A week later, while in New York City, they were spotted with their matching bling.

No word on when they'll walk down the aisle, but — judging by their fancy rings alone — they'll pull out all the stops.

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