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Penelope Cruz Strips Down for Sexy Music Video

Rachel Hoffman
omg! Celeb News
January 31, 2013

Penelope Cruz is here to prove, yet again, that she is a triple threat! The brunette bombshell steals the spotlight in a new music video for Grammy Award winner Miguel Bose’s’ song “Decimos Adios (Saying Goodbye)” not only with her voice, but also with her sex appeal. The Oscar-winning starlet dons skimpy lingerie during most of the video … which is kind of odd considering Penelope’s brother Eduardo wrote the song.

Though we haven’t seen the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actress on the big screen in a while, we are thrilled to see her on the small one for now … and looking better than ever! Check out this vid to see more of Mrs. Javier Bardem as a music video vixen!

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