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  • Magic Johnson Opens up About Gay Son: ‘I’m Behind Him One Million Percent’

    The Johnsons: EJ, Magic, Cookie, and Elisa in 2009. (WireImage)Magic Johnson is loud and proud about his love for his son, EJ.

    The 20-year-old New York University student's sexual orientation made headlines on Tuesday after he was spotted holding hands with his boyfriend in West Hollywood … and now the NBA legend says that he could not be any prouder.

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  • Is Doxxing Group Taking Credit for New Swatting Incidents?

    Rihanna is the latest swatting victim. (Getty Images)Update (Thursday, April 5): The swatters strike again! A new celeb has become the latest victim of the swatting trend: Rihanna.

    An LAPD spokesperson has confirmed to omg! that police were indeed called to Rihanna's residence at 3 p.m. where they found no injuries nor any evidence of a problem and declared the call a hoax. The spokesperson would not confirm whether or not the 25-year-old wsinger as at home at the time.


    According to one report, the group responsible for hacking a growing list of celebrities that now includes Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Tyra Banks, Scarlett Johansson, and even (previously) First Lady Michelle Obama, and putting their credit reports and other financial documents online (hence, the term "doxxing") are now also claiming they recently "swatted" the homes of Paris Hilton and Diddy.

    As of Thursday, the group's website included "Swatted" next to the names of Hilton and Diddy, along with a link to articles about the pranks.

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  • Home Contractor Claims Sylvester Stallone Threatened to Kill Him, Abused Dog

    Stallone. (Getty Images)Sylvester Stallone doesn't just rough people up on the big screen.

    According to new court documents, the "Rocky" star physically assaulted and threatened to kill a contractor who worked on his Los Angeles home.

    Mohamed Hadid, who often appears on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," was granted a temporary restraining order against the 66-year-old actor after he allegedly pushed Hadid in court on March 25. The two men are currently in a legal battle over construction work Hadid did on Stallone's home beginning in 2009, for which Stallone is suing for $1.4 million.

    In the new legal documents filed by Hadid, whose ex-wife Yolanda Foster stars on the Bravo reality series, he claims that Stallone threatened him by saying, "I am going to kill you motherf**er," on March 25 after making physical contact with him in court.

    But Hadid's other allegations prior to that incident are just as shocking. He claims that while working at Stallone's home, he witnessed the action star fly into fits of rage, including one instance when he grabbed his own dog by the neck and threw the animal through a door into his home. Hadid also says that Stallone once threatened to smash his head in with a baseball bat and, on another occasion, yelled at him to "Get these dirty Mexicans out of here or I'll blow your head off."

    Mohamed Hadid, here with friend Michael Jackson and their children. (Getty Images)

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  • Amanda Bynes Insists She Has a Redhead Impostor

    Amanda or impostor? (Splash News)Are two Amanda Bynes better than one?

    The "retired" actress – who turns 27 today – is claiming that photos taken of what appeared to be her walking around New York City on Monday with an amateur red/pink dye job is an impostor.

    In a series of tweets she has since deleted, Bynes insists this person is not her. "My hair is blonde I've never been a redhead! Somebody keeps posing as me! Check my photos on twitter for up to date pictures!"

    But one glance at her Twitter shows only recent shots of her eyes and lips. The last time she posted anything of her hair was March 29 … and yes, it was still blond then.

    Bynes also pointed out more evidence the non-blonde is not her, including her facial piercings. "Fake or real microdermals same glasses!" she continued in another tweet she also deleted. "I don't own those clothes and I'm blonde! Haha!"

    While we have no way of knowing if Bynes really does own the black sweatpants and Adidas sandals (with white socks!) that the alleged "Amanda" doppelganger was wearing on Monday, the rings she had on her fingers are the same as those that can be seen in prior photos taken of her in public.

    The impostor missed a few spots. (Splash News)Another interesting clue: "Amanda" was carrying a FedEx envelope as she ran errands on Monday. And according to a new report, her lawyer is working on a plea deal with prosecutors in Burbank, California, in the case of her two charges of driving without a license.

    As omg! reported, Bynes was a no-show in court on Tuesday – at which her lawyer, Richard Hutton, asked for a continuance in her case. And it seems the holdup is that he's waiting on signed notarized forms from his client, so perhaps that's what "Amanda" was clutching on Monday. Hutton is due back in court on her behalf on May 9 … so let's hope Bynes can return the legal forms to him by then!

    Although she seems disturbingly troubled, fans are still holding out hope for Bynes to turn it all around. Many of the commenters on another story omg! published on Wednesday morning for her 27th birthday shared their well wishes. "She was very funny on her show. Please come back to us Amanda!," wrote Flo W. Added user Demonoid, "I hope she gets her life straighen out soon! I wish her all the best!"

    As do we! Happy 27th 

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  • Amanda Bynes Skips Hearing for Driving on Suspended License Charges, Dyes Hair Pink

    Bynes on Thursday. (Splash News)Amanda Bynes has more important things to worry about than court.

    The very troubled actress was a no-show in a Burbank, California, court on Tuesday morning for a pre-trial hearing regarding two misdemeanor charges for driving without a license. Instead her attorney, Richard Hutton, was there in her place, and he asked the judge for a continuance, which was granted. The next hearing has been set for May 9 and Bynes will likely not be there for that, either.

    As omg! previously reported, Bynes' license was suspended last September after she was arrested for DUI and had multiple hit-and-runs in just a matter of months. Still, she continued to drive (and even got into another fender bender) until police eventually pulled her over at the airport after she drove aimlessly around a valet parking area for 90 minutes.

    Since then, the "retired" actress has been living in New York City, where she has still been raising eyebrows … except now, just not behind the wheel of a car.

    On Monday, Bynes, 26, was photographed walking around the city with her blond hair dyed what appears to be pink … or perhaps a faded red. The new color – which looks a lot like the same hue from her April 2012 mug shot – must have been done at home because when she turned around to check herself out in a store's window, the back of her head revealed blond patches. At least Bynes was dressed somewhat appropriately for the cold weather wearing a hooded jacket … and Adidas sandals with white socks.

    Also on Monday, she went on another of her now 

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  • ‘Buckwild’ Star Shain Gandee Died From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Family Raising Money for Funeral

    Shain Gandee. (MTV)Shain Gandee died doing what he loved.

    While mudding with his uncle, David Gandee, and friend, Donald Robert Myers, following a night at a West Virginia bar on Saturday, the "Buckwild" star's 1984 Ford Bronco got stuck in the thick, dirty water and its tailpipe submerged, thus preventing the exhaust from leaving the car.

    On Tuesday, the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department in West Virginia confirmed: "The manner of death is accidental and the cause was carbon monoxide poisoning for all three subjects."

    When Shain's truck was discovered early Monday morning, "The vehicle sat unevenly, but upright, and was partially submerged in deep mud," according to a statement from officials in Kanawha County, which led to speculation that carbon monoxide was to blame. "Mud was covering the lower part of the passenger side door of the vehicle, but the driver's side of the vehicle was above the mud. The muffler of the vehicle was completely below the surface of the mud."

    Shain Gandee's 1984 Bronco after being recovered from the mud. (WCHS-TV)

    In the wake of the shocking

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  • Shain Gandee Dead at 21: Who Was the ‘Buckwild’ Star?

    Although his MTV show was met with much criticism, Shain Gandee was perceived by fans to be the standout bright spot of "Buckwild."

    Sadly, the 21-year-old was discovered dead in his Ford Bronco in Sissonville, West Virginia, along with the bodies of his uncle, David Gandee, and Donald Robert Myers, 27, on Monday. The reality star and his uncle, 48, were last seen leaving Larry's Bar around 3 a.m. on Sunday while claiming that they were going to go four-wheeling. The pair's family reportedly searched for them before calling 911 to declare them missing.

    When the show premiered just three months ago, fans instantly took to Shain for his fun-loving, down-to-earth persona, and they were shocked to hear of his death after omg! first reported the news this morning. The cause of death has yet to be determined.

    "I am so sad to hear this heart breaking news," commented one reader named atiana. "I'm not making assumptions about what happened and neither should anyone else. It's a tragedy that three people have lost their lives, and my heart goes out to their families. I watched the show, and personally found Shain to be very funny, sincere, down to earth, and likeable. My heart goes out to his family and friends, and they will all be in my prayers."

    "How sad," added a user named August. "He was so likeable. R.I.P."

    "I liked Shain the best out of the group, stayed the same throughout the show," wrote another fan. "I never understood what he said but he seemed like a good kid."

    [Related: MTV Shuts Down 'Buckwild' Production]

    When Gandee began shooting "Buckwild" in early 2012, he was still working as a trash collector in his hometown … and he didn’t even own a cell phone!

    "The parents have to go in the woods when I call to find him," executive producer John Stevens told Entertainment Weekly in December. "Shain is usually out there on his ATV and

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  • Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Accused of Charity Scam

    Khloe and Lamar. (WireImage)Lamar Odom's charitable endeavors are getting slam dunked.

    Cathy's Kids, a foundation he started in 2004 after losing his mother to stomach cancer, is being accused of not giving a cent to cancer research in the nine years it has been operating.

    Although the charity's mission is supposed to be "making a positive impact on the lives of under-privileged children, as well as targeting a disease that has played a significant role in [Odom's] life," it only seems he's kept up half of that bargain. Cathy's Kids' mission statement continues, "Lamar lost his mother to stomach cancer and subsequently is committed to help causes that are focused on finding a cure and helping people who suffer from the disease. Lamar is focused on ensuring that funds are available for under-privileged youth that live in the inner cities of New York and Los Angeles."

    The latter part seems to be the one promise he has kept.

    According to an investigation by ESPN, eight years of tax records show that Cathy's Kids "primarily existed to finance two elite youth basketball travel teams. Of the $2.2 million raised by the charity, at least 60 percent -- $1.3 million -- went to those AAU teams."

    A chunk of the money raised by the charity also went into the bank account of its secretary, Jerry DeGregorio, a longtime confidante of Odom's who was both his high school basketball coach and best man at his 2009 wedding to Kardashian. DeGregorio, now an assistant coach with the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, reportedly earned a median annual salary of $72,000 from

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  • Hollywood’s 5 Biggest Fools

    Justin Bieber.Lindsay Lohan. (Splash News)April isn't the only month for fools in Hollywood … some act like that 365 days a year.

    It was tough to pick just five to celebrate April Fools' Day, but we narrowed it down to those who have been grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons these first few months of 2013.

    Based on the evidence, here are the five biggest celebrity fools:

    Lindsay Lohan

    Forget an Oscar, if there was an award for best drama queen, LiLo would smoke the competition. Since the year kicked off, omg! has been covering her for lots of reasons, none of them positive. In mid-January, the 26-year-old unceremoniously fired longtime lawyer Shawn Holley amid a reported $150,000 in unpaid legal bills and instead hired New York-based Mark Jay Heller, whose "competency" was later called into question by a judge. Just before a January 30 mandatory pre-trial hearing for her June 2012 car crash, the actress claimed to be too sick to fly cross-country, even though she had been photographed shopping and smoking days before.

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  • Lindsay Lohan Hides Under Table at Brazilian Nightclub: Photo

    Lohan under table. (Twitter)Some things never change.

    Lindsay Lohan was in a Sao Paolo, Brazil, nightclub on Thursday to promote a clothing line, for which she was paid a reported $100,000 salary … but instead of performing her duties, she decided to hide under a table.

    In a photo posted on Twitter, the rehab-bound actress can be seen sitting on a dirty floor under the DJ booth, which is strewn with what appears to be alcoholic beverages. Why? According to the person who took it, Lohan – who looks upset and has her hand on her forehead – didn't want to take photos with any of the fans in attendance, @orgastic_desire wrote in Portuguese.

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