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  • Kristian Bruun stars as Donnie on Orphan Black. (Photo courtesy of Space)

    Warning: This article contains spoilers for the season 2 premiere of "Orphan Black." Stop reading now if you're not caught up!

    After a much-too-long hiatus, “Orphan Black” has finally returned with an incredible season 2 premiere, and all of the clones were in top form (well, almost all of them). In fact, when it comes to Sarah, Alison, Cosima, Rachel, and Helena, it’s incredibly difficult to pick a favourite.

    That’s why we're going to spend each week ranking all of the “Orphan Black” clones. And who better to help monitor the clones’ performances (get it?) than actor Kristian Bruun, better known as Alison’s secret monitor husband Donnie? We’ll be talking to Kristian all season to recap which clones kicked butt, and which ones need to kick it up a notch.

    Yahoo Canada: Going into this season, we’ll obviously try to be as unbiased as possible, but I think you have your preference for who you’d like to be the best clone of the season.
    Kristian Bruun: My character, Donnie, would have a

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  • James Van Der Beek reveals when he thought ‘Dawson’s Creek’ jumped the shark

    James Van Der Beek today. (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

    It’s been nearly 11 years since “Dawson’s Creek” went off the air, but for fans of the tumultuous teen drama, all the emotion and heartbreak is still fresh. It’s no wonder, then, that when James Van Der Beek took to Reddit on Monday to promote his new CBS sitcom, “Friends with Better Lives,” the conversation almost immediately turned to his time on the creek. (Come on, Beek – did you expect anything else of people on the Internet?)

    Specifically, one Reddit user asked the 37-year-old (!) to pinpoint when he thought “Dawson’s Creek” jumped the shark – quite the question indeed, considering how the WB series varied in quality over its six-season run.

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  • A fan-made alternate ending to 'How I Met Your Mother' (VIDEO)

    Warning: This post contains spoilers for the "How I Met Your Mother" finale.

    It's safe to say that a lot of people have problems with the "How I Met Your Mother" finale. After the show spent a whole season focusing on Barney and Robin's wedding and explaining over and over that Robin and Ted had outgrown each other, many fans were unimpressed that "HIMYM" ended with Robin and Ted getting back together. It especially didn't help that fans had grown to love the mother of Ted's children, only for the show to cruelly reveal that she died of an unnamed illness.

    One fan in particularly decided to rid the finale of those elements completely, editing together a different (and, some might argue, much more satisfying) ending that still sees Ted and Tracy meet on the train platform. This time, though, there's no mention of her getting sick, and the video completely cuts out Robin and Ted reuniting. Sure, in this version, Barney and Robin still presumably get divorced, but at least fans can

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  • The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards — Live Chat

    Join us on Sunday, Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. ET as we dish on the hottest red carpet fashion, the surprising wins and the shocking losses for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards.

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  • I Just Don’t Get It: Why do spell-casters always slice open the palms of their hands?

    "Sleepy Hollow" (NBC)

    Continuing my Christmastime period of “nothing new is on TV, so I may as well catch up on stuff I missed,” I spent the last few evenings becoming familiar with NBC’s “Sleepy Hollow,” which is far better and more charming than it has any right to be. But this isn’t an article about how good surprisingly good “Sleepy Hollow” is, because I got distracted by something that happened in one of the early episodes.

    Yes, one moment in particular caught my eye, a moment when one character has to cast a spell that requires human blood. What does he do? He slices open the palm of his hand with a knife.

    Augh! Why do they always slice open their palm?!

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  • I Just Don’t Get It: Why did I watch ‘The 12 Dates of Christmas’?

    ABC Family

    It’s that time of year again: mid-December, when all of our favourite shows go on winter hiatus and there’s nothing good to watch on television. And now that most of us have the magic of Netflix in our lives, that means it’s also the time of year when we fill our evenings with all of the terrible, Christmas-themed, made-for-TV movies that the on-demand service has bought the rights to.

    That’s right: I watched “The 12 Dates of Christmas” completely voluntarily. Why did I do it? I’d like to say it’s because I’m in the holiday spirit, or that it’s cold outside and I was bored, but honestly, I really don’t know.

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  • I Just Don’t Get It: Why don’t Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams get back together?

    Gosling and McAdams in 2007. (Dan MacMedan/WireImage)

    To begin, let me state that I am aware that while celebrities may live their lives in the spotlight, the choices they make in their personal lives are their own. They are free to love whomever they choose, and break up with whomever they choose, and the general public has no say in these decisions, -- nor should they.

    But with Gosling turning 33 earlier this week, and McAdams turning 35 on Nov. 17, it needs to be said: why can’t you two crazy kids work things out?!

    Come on, you guys! You were so great in “The Notebook” -- a movie I don’t even like that much! That movie would have crashed and burned if its stars hadn’t been so great. But Gosling and McAdams took their real-life chemistry and brought

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  • I Just Don’t Get It: Why is the ‘Mindy Project’ theme song so terrible?

    Mindy Kaling is great. She’s brilliant and funny, her Twitter feed is the thing dreams are made of, and she just seems like the kind of celebrity you’d be best friends with if only she would respond to your letters. (Uh, hypothetically.) And her FOX sitcom “The Mindy Project” isn’t perfect, but it’s still incredibly watchable and usually features at least two guffaw-worthy moments an episode. Kaling is a role model for women around the world, and more people should aspire to be like her.

    But one of Kaling’s decisions is impossible to support: the “Mindy Project” theme song is just horrible.

    The “Mindy Project” theme song has to rank among one of the worst ever. It’s incredible grating to listen to, and it doesn’t even fit with the tone of the show itself. You’d expect this theme song to go with an

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  • CBS

    By now, almost everyone who watches “How I Met Your Mother” knows that Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) is the most annoying character on the show. In fact, he’s got to make the top 5 list of most irritating characters on television. He’s neurotic, kind of rude, treats women badly, and is really, really pretentious – so pretentious, in fact, that the show itself produced an entire episode in Season 5 about Ted going to a party filled with snobs and, of course, having the time of his life.

    Basically, for most of “How I Met Your Mother’s” nine-season run, it was obvious that the show would be vastly improved if Ted were just written out completely – even though that was obviously impossible, given the central premise of the show. (The possible exception to the “get rid of Ted” attitude would be Season 2 of the show, which many consider “HIMYM’s” best year. Not only did it include the classic “Slap Bet” episode and other funny installments like “Swarley” and “Stuff,” but it also made us care about Ted and Robin’s relationship despite the fact that we all knew it was doomed – a feat the writers haven’t been able to repeat with any of Ted’s subsequent relationships. Especially not the one with Zoey, whom we will henceforth pretend never existed.) Apparently, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas thought Ted’s personality was hilarious and decided that the more they exaggerated those characteristics, the better.

    So, fans of the show were forced to accept that Ted was going to stick around -- but hey, at least we still got to watch Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney, right? And they’re pretty awesome, aren’t they?

    But in “HIMYM’s” current, and final, season, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the writers are struggling. Last year, the cast and crew were clearly operating on

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  • Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Baby Nabs Royal Lullaby

    Kate Middleton and Prince William (Getty Images)It's official! Kate Middleton and Prince William's unborn child has his or her own lullaby.

    Who needs "Hush, Little Baby" when British composer Paul Mealor will write a song about you? Mealor, 37, composed music for the royal couple's April 29 nuptials and now he's written a ditty aptly named, "Sleep On," so their baby will have sweet, regal dreams.

    "After writing music for the Royal Wedding, it seemed natural to provide the musical accompaniment for the next stage of the royal couple’s journey together," Mealor shared in a statement.

    The famous composer enlisted the help of songbird Hayley Westenra, who will include the lullaby on her new album of lullabies, "Hushabye."

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